MA 2013

Museums Australia National Conference 2013

The ACT Branch of Museums Australia (MA) is very pleased to be hosting the MA National Conference in Canberra’s centenary year 2013.

The theme is:  How museums work:  people, industry and nation.

We will reflect on how museums and galleries work in the 21st century and what ideas will drive them in the future:

  • Working in museums – The nature of work is changing in society at large, so it is little wonder that work in museums is also changing, both for museum professionals and for volunteers.  Where are you in your career and what’s next?
  • Working together – Museums operate in very different environments but as one national community.  What opportunities exist for collaborations, partnerships and alignments across the country and internationally?
  • The business of museums – Museums are both a business and an industry, and have close connections with other industries such as education, tourism and entertainment.  How will we manage with resources under challenge and audiences looking for more?
  • Telling our stories and imagining the future – The contesting of ideas about nationhood occurs around the country, not just in Canberra.  What are our stories and how are they interpreted in regional, state and national museums and galleries?  And what ideas will we explore as we move into the future?

This theme with its great speakers, the National Convention Centre venue, interesting tradeshow, Canberra’s splendid autumn weather and the Canberra museums, galleries and restaurants will make this conference a “must attend” event.

We look forward to welcoming you to Canberra from 17 to 20 May 2013.

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